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A Train Seen from the Twelfth Floor


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Jaron Lanier on Anonymity on Blog Forums. A Blogger’s Code of Conduct Coming?

Always been a great fan of Jaron Lanier, the internet guru and evangelist, and general web supremo. So we were interested to read the following about anonymity on blog forums, in a discussion with Tim O’Reilley, he of the Blogger’s … Continue reading

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These Are the Seats on which We sit

The sagging seats in the First Class compartment of Central Railway trains on Harbour Branch. My book just sank in, and if I sit in the pits where my book now sits, I will be rewarded with a backache for … Continue reading

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Why the Markets Fell, and Dampened Our Diwali

Santosh Desai in his article in today’s Times of India raises a few issues that, we feel, need wider coverage, to see at least how many others think and feel like him. We for our part agree with him to … Continue reading

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Today Is Dhanteras, First Day of Diwali!

Diwali is here, but in a muted sense, today being Dhanteras, the worshipping of “dhan” meaning money and the buying of gold, silver, and precious metals. No deafening crackers that would shatter the ear, less colour, less parading of finery. … Continue reading

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Driving Crazy in Delhi

If you haven’t seen the way Delhiites drive, you haven’t seen driving! Honest, they are like Formula 1 drivers, minus the helmets and suits, of course. Such aggression, such use of the senses, such reflexes, such energy, such anxiety to … Continue reading

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Colaba, in the Night!

Colaba enchanting, alluring, vibrant, like a teenager’s heart beating in the breast of a distinguished old lady Ages, probably, aeons ago, we used to work in Colaba. Went there to get our watch repaired at the Titan showroom at Hamilton … Continue reading

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