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This Is My 501st Post! Shortly I Will Cross 10,000 Hits!

This is my 501st post, dear readers. And, uncork the bubblies, because I am moving towards the 10,000 hits marks soon. Sure gladdens the heart, makes me go all mushy and gushy. Friend and fellow blogger John Baker had asked … Continue reading

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Two Limericks I Wrote!

Two limericks for two friends: There once was a Professor, Who everyone called Vasudev Sir, His dear friend was one Yamashita, Who was trying to learn the Sitar, Alas, Yamashita was tone deaf, oh Dear! —— There once was a … Continue reading

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"November Rain"

I crowed here before about how much I love the guitar. That’s also the reason why I like Guns and Roses, especially the guitar work of Slash their guitarist. Though I don’t agree with some of the explicit lyrics of … Continue reading

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Grapes of Wrath, and Suicide!

Why are Indian farmers commiting suicide? This lead article in the Times of India (April 26, 2007) may have an answer. I scan yesterday’s papers which state that Indian farmers receive only one-fifth of what the consumer pays and the … Continue reading

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DNA Links to My Abhishek-Aishwarya Blogpost

Yesterday was a watermark in the annals of this blog. I got around 250 visitors on this blog (as against 20 daily) as the above graph would testify. I am now 9600 hits and progressing towards the 10,000 five-letter mark … Continue reading

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Attack on my poem “Let’s Get Mad”

Someone attacked my poem “Let’s Get Mad” saying it is a “rather poor” poem, in this thread on Shakespeare and Company. I had written it in the omnipresent “Rap” style and, being my first-born “Rap” song, had hoped (rather fervently), … Continue reading

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My All New Blog!

It’s time I raved about the new Blogger. Well, the changes I had done in the earlier version of Blogger had screwed up my functionalities and my blog could hardly be read on some browsers, especially Mozilla Firefox. Horror of … Continue reading

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