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Life’s Painful Transitions

In reply to this post by the venerable James Joyce who mourns the closing of the landmark Premier bookshop in Bangalore, I wrote the following piece, which is (I hope) as evocative as his. It’s all about transitions: how shops … Continue reading

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Caferati’s First Open House Performance

Caferati’s first Open House at Prithvi Café, Juhu, gave me my first opportunity to perform my poem, “Goodbye Shakti Bhatt.” Obviously, since I have been looking at the prospect of performance versus reading, which, you will agree, is dull and … Continue reading

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Sow Confusion; Reap Chaos

Three instances that show the way India operates to those of my readers from abroad. I wouldn’t say this is the norm but I am writing about it because all of this happened today and something struck me as typically … Continue reading

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An amazing sunset on Marine Drive

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Received this in the mail: a New Con Game

I am so happy! It’s a dream come true! I never imagined in my mundane uneventful life that I would be a filthy rich dollar millionaire. But now my friend Mr. Smith Raymond [why is a surname masquerading as a … Continue reading

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Atavism, the Cavedweller Mentality

I guess we are a primordial, primitive society still. I mean we have not overcome the jealousy factor. Early in my career when people realised I wanted to be a writer the first thing that came out of their mouths … Continue reading

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Got the Winter Sniffles

The winter weather has got to me and I am sniffling and my mouth feels like it is stuffed with straw and the lips are dry and needs constant care. I had escaped the chills till now but the winter … Continue reading

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