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Is spitting our national pastime?

It’s insulting to find people expectorating, urinating, and shitting everywhere. You say we can’t avoid it because there aren’t enough toilets? Who says? I found this nasty red paan-spit in a urinal in a place I use quite often, while … Continue reading

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The Ambani Brothers’ Duel

So the Ambani brother’s spat about sharing of KG Basin gas is out in the open and charges are being traded in newspapers, as can be seen in this exclusive in Economic Times. Will India’s premier industrial conglomerate remain embedded … Continue reading

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When Will Indian Stars Grow Up?

It’s sad. It’s also mind-fodder-for-a-blog (desperately in need of worthwhile subjects) and, well, um, er, in a manner of speaking, sort of, putting it mildly, disconcerting. The jury is out in the inner soul of Indian consciousness: Indian men always … Continue reading

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How a 24-year-old Saved the Silent Valley, Kerala

Here’s it in friend and bum-chum Gangadharan Menon’s own words how he persuaded Indira Gandhi to do something about Silent Valley which was going to be turned into a hydro-electric project back in the 1980’s. The article has been published … Continue reading

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Colour Perception and Should I Stop Writing?

Feeling down, having the blues, mood nahi, all said with a sad shake of the head. Bad vibes travelled down the net and found a tender spot the day before yesterday, i.e. Thursday the 16th of July. Two such inauspicious … Continue reading

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Chinese in Rural Areas Can Have Two Children!

China is doing its best to lose its race against India in the population race. This is one race that India should lose, not win. Justifiably so. Many of you, esteemed readers of this blog know that China advocates a … Continue reading

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My Latest Short Story "P.K.Koshy’s Daily Routine"

My latest short story “P.K.Koshy’s Daily Routine” appears here. Read, enjoy and write a few words of encouragement, I am feeling a bit down. A so-called friend said, his exact words: “i suggest you stop writing.”

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