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The Youth of Today

I drew this picture of the youth of today. See if there’s veracity in it. Do comment..I forgot a few things initially which were pointed out by “ms” which have been incorporated here. Advertisements

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Start Television or World’s Amazing Videos

I was like, “what?” The news had ended. Start TV was showing some mindless videos which should have gone into the slot of “World’s Amazing Videos” of some plane crash in the US. How a plane entered a house and … Continue reading

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Albert Camus’ Exile and Kingdom, Short Stories

 I am reading a collection of short stories by Albert Camus and it is so wonderful how he describes the world of his era, and how he can still entice people with his descriptions of those days. It’s just an … Continue reading

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Healthcare – Why Manmohan Should Follow in Obama’s Footsteps

In India we are used to absolute zero healthcare. Healthcare professionals look to earn a commission when they refer a patient to a higher specialist. Till recently doctors were in cahoots, well sort of, with pharmaceutical companies – who gave … Continue reading

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Three Scary Stories, No, Actual Incidents!

It’s scary. You only realize it when it happens before your eyes. Last week, I think it was Friday; I was standing on platform 1 at Victoria Terminus. The train was a short distance away, approaching fast, I am getting … Continue reading

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Satyam, Oh! Satyam!

Satyam! Oh, Satyam! The word means truth, but what a pack of lies it has dealt to investors, the people who sunk the sweat of their brows, harvest of their fallow fields. I don’t have to say much about it, … Continue reading

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Empty Station! (Lyrics)

Elton John wrote “Emtpy Garden” for his friend John Lennon after he was murdered in New York. The first few words go like this (apologies Elton John and Bernie Taupin, you are my fave singer and songwriter team, so have … Continue reading

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