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Shobha De Enjoys Blogging, Welcome to Blogosphere, Shobha-tai!

The latest Shobha De Blog has this item about how Vijay Mallya (he of the failed Royal Challenger team in Indian Premier League, if you don’t know what this is, it’s the latest in cricketing follies being played by 22 … Continue reading

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Look Who’s Blogging! Chuck Palahniuk!

Yesterday I stumbled on thee blog of the cult writer Chuck Palahniuk, he of the “Fight Club” fame, with thousands of young writers, just craving, yeah, just crrraaavvving to write like him. Know what I mean? Here’s him crowing, rather, … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Actor Stabbed in London!

This piece of information will worry all parents of teenagers. It says the UK there were 14 teenage killings this year. Really? What’s the figure for Mumbai, nobody knows. (I did a search and didn’t get any results.) Ho, hum. … Continue reading

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Mozzam Sheikh’s Short Story Collection "The Idol Lover"

This came via Moazzam Sheikh who is plugging his short story collection The Idol Lover in the US. The following is the break-up of share of writing genres in the US. Mystery/Detective: 17%Romance: 11%Science Fiction: 5.5%Religion: 5%Bio/Autobio: 4%General Fiction: 3%Espionage/Thriller: … Continue reading

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After Sports, Now It’s the Turn of Politics

The latest issue of Outlook has this story about how business is the prime mover in politics and how business lobbies help win elections. It also listed the business lobbies siding with the Congress: Information Technology, Infrastructure, Liquor, and Higher … Continue reading

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Commuting Blues and Greys, and PYT Speaking into Cellphone

I wasn’t prepared for it. I was caught unawares. These things happen; well they do, only in morning rush hour in Bombay. I have travelled in public transport in Delhi, Bangalore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jeddah, Colombo, but have never … Continue reading

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US Wastes 27 Per Cent of Food Available for Consumption

While I was carping here about Bush alleging that Indians were eating up all the world’s food, this blog item in Boing Boing wove into vision. It says that the US wastes 27 per cent of food available for consumption. … Continue reading

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