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“But Novelists Are Stubborn… They Refuse to Give Up”

Liked this quote from Amitav Ghosh’s acceptance speech while accepting the Dan David Prize: “But novelists are stubborn: when young, they refused to give up novel-writing, despite the worried advice of their families. The more we were told to turn … Continue reading

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Still Tied with Amitabh’s Blog; Manjul’s Novel “Before Evening Falls”

So your blog has tied with Amitabh’s blog, is it? They ask me in church today. As a church-going Christian I don’t know what impact it will have on how my fellow worshippers: as a radical, as an upstart, as … Continue reading

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Kala Ghoda – Two Disturbing Movies – Murderers and The World According to Monsanto

Yesterday I saw two disturbing movies, firstly, Murderers, a French film about two girls out on their own in the vile world of rapists, kind people, potential molesters and bad people masquerading as good. I love French films, they are … Continue reading

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Rush Hour at Victoria Terminus, Bombay

Shot at Victoria Terminus, a few days ago, during the morning rush hour. I stop by this kiosk and enjoy my morning cuppa and stare at the passing crowd of office goers in their rivettingly diverse moods. Some listen to … Continue reading

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Why the Markets Fell, and Dampened Our Diwali

Santosh Desai in his article in today’s Times of India raises a few issues that, we feel, need wider coverage, to see at least how many others think and feel like him. We for our part agree with him to … Continue reading

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Taken from a Taxi on Marine Drive

Taken leaning out of a cab at Marine Drive. The Cabby said “God made all people different with a purpose” Cabbie’s Lesson: God Created People different with Purpose Yesterday: time: evening: was driving a cab with a cabby from Illahabad, … Continue reading

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Inside Our Church, This Morning!

The faithfuls having holy communion The faithfuls (of which we are one) have the Holy Communion which is a holy sacrament. Picture above shows our parish priest administering the body and blood of Christ, which we believe renews us in … Continue reading

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