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Start Television or World’s Amazing Videos

I was like, “what?” The news had ended. Start TV was showing some mindless videos which should have gone into the slot of “World’s Amazing Videos” of some plane crash in the US. How a plane entered a house and … Continue reading

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Why can’t women be good parliamentarians?

Now that the women’s reservation bill (the one reserving 33 per cent of seats for women in parliament) has been passed what can we expect to happen? Will the decision-making pass to the kitchen cabinet comprising ladies fresh from the … Continue reading

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Still Tied with Amitabh’s Blog; Manjul’s Novel “Before Evening Falls”

So your blog has tied with Amitabh’s blog, is it? They ask me in church today. As a church-going Christian I don’t know what impact it will have on how my fellow worshippers: as a radical, as an upstart, as … Continue reading

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Three Scary Stories, No, Actual Incidents!

It’s scary. You only realize it when it happens before your eyes. Last week, I think it was Friday; I was standing on platform 1 at Victoria Terminus. The train was a short distance away, approaching fast, I am getting … Continue reading

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Vandals Have Struck, Ye Gods, and How!

It’s the height of vandalism, it’s the height of defiance of rules of civil living. Go anywhere in Bombay and you see tons of spit on all walls, on every corner, in every waste basket, in every laboriously painted and … Continue reading

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Ganga’s Trysts With Wild Animals, in His Own Words!

Here’s friend Gangadharan Menon’s account of his tryst with wild animals specially the one above which, to be frank, almost killed him. Ganga, hope you don’t mind. I am reproducing it here because there’s a message to the whole thing, … Continue reading

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Pliers Anyone?

We are too ashamed to write this. It’s absolutely the nadir of our belief of India as a people of some, at least, a bit of, ethical and moral values, of which there’s a lot of talk, and no substance, … Continue reading

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