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Train entering Nerul Station

Out of ennui (a state of having nothing else to do!) I shot this video of this train entering Nerul railway station, New Bombay. Watch the smooth way in which it glides in, this metal monster! Advertisements

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Are We Being De-sensitised? Are Teen Reality Shows Any Real?

Yesterday, in church, I heard a very good sermon which, somewhat, correctly mirrored what was happening around us. Hope this helps those seeking answers to one of the most vexing challenges of modern life. The speaker a teacher, a head … Continue reading

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Just Now… at the Airtel Gallery….

Went to the Airtel Gallery at Fountain, Bombay, directed there by the stationery shop that sold me the refill card. I was dying to tear at somebody, give somebody hell, face somebody. But I am directed again to a phone … Continue reading

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Taken for a Ride by Your Carrier?

Imagine what would happen if your telephone carrier would keep deducting your balance without any reason? Can you imagine? You can’t unless it is you who is being unreasonably charged without any reason. The carrier in this case is Airtel … Continue reading

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The Other John Abraham

Everyone knows John Abraham the film star and handsome hunk, the heartthrob of the millions, but the world has forgotten John Abraham the film director who was trained by Ritwik Ghatak, worked with Mani Kaul on Uski Roti and produced … Continue reading

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The Online Us and What We Are in Reality – Schizophrenic?

A friend sometime ago said that online forums, social networking sites, chat rooms, shorn of frills, devoid of pretensions and minus the desperate pick-up lines resemble real life flesh and blood social interaction. Yes it does. Is it a good … Continue reading

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With Job Loss, Job Cuts, Why Doesn’t the Crowd in Trains Decrease?

Guess my cartoon says it all!

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