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Albert Camus’ Exile and Kingdom, Short Stories

 I am reading a collection of short stories by Albert Camus and it is so wonderful how he describes the world of his era, and how he can still entice people with his descriptions of those days. It’s just an … Continue reading

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Why can’t women be good parliamentarians?

Now that the women’s reservation bill (the one reserving 33 per cent of seats for women in parliament) has been passed what can we expect to happen? Will the decision-making pass to the kitchen cabinet comprising ladies fresh from the … Continue reading

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Still Tied with Amitabh’s Blog; Manjul’s Novel “Before Evening Falls”

So your blog has tied with Amitabh’s blog, is it? They ask me in church today. As a church-going Christian I don’t know what impact it will have on how my fellow worshippers: as a radical, as an upstart, as … Continue reading

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