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The Huge Gargantuan "Hypocritical Bubble"

Here’s a mail we found in our inbox. It says the biggest stock market crash in history is still coming. Now, that’s really, really news to us. The whole financial-industrial-software-retailing matrix created an immense bubble over the earth, something, um, … Continue reading

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Horn baja re…

At last a bollywood song that reflects the attitide of indian driverstowards the horn: horn baja re,.horn baja rebaap ka razsta haibaja, baja — For a mobile blogging experience:, forall else:

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IK Shukla Is No More, May IK Shukla’s Soul Rest in Peace!

IK Shukla author of Hindutva and Hindutva, Treason and Terrorism and a fearless voice against communalism and religious atrocities passed away in the US, he was eighty. Here’s an article he had written about the veiled fascism that goes on … Continue reading

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Ganga’s Trysts With Wild Animals, in His Own Words!

Here’s friend Gangadharan Menon’s account of his tryst with wild animals specially the one above which, to be frank, almost killed him. Ganga, hope you don’t mind. I am reproducing it here because there’s a message to the whole thing, … Continue reading

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Feverish, as I type this….

Feeling feverish, so called in sick today. Whole body aches, eyeswatery, mouth furry, no, not that again, I mean malaria. This monsoonwas bad, had tazken care so far to not fall sick, but here I am withthe sniffles once again. … Continue reading

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Pliers Anyone?

We are too ashamed to write this. It’s absolutely the nadir of our belief of India as a people of some, at least, a bit of, ethical and moral values, of which there’s a lot of talk, and no substance, … Continue reading

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One Boo and a Boom!

At the last Caferati meet on last Saturday the 20th of September 2008 at Oxford Book Store, we were booed. Yes, booed and snubbed. Good and proper, and we deserved it. Well, we went prepared but not prepared enough. We … Continue reading

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