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Train Rage – What’s with Saying “Sorry”?

A thing that upset me a few days ago, has been going through a churn, it’s only now I am in a position to write about it. Heard about road rage? Well, this is something close – train rage. I … Continue reading

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Kala Ghoda – Two Disturbing Movies – Murderers and The World According to Monsanto

Yesterday I saw two disturbing movies, firstly, Murderers, a French film about two girls out on their own in the vile world of rapists, kind people, potential molesters and bad people masquerading as good. I love French films, they are … Continue reading

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The Gyan of an Indian Best-seller

Aaah, missed the Kala Ghoda lecture by Chetan Bhagat. No worries! Apropos this post about Anita Roy’s observation that the Indian mid-list writers are making it good (after all, more than 10,000 copies sold is a good figure in India, … Continue reading

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Stray Vignettes from the Streets of Bombay

Seen on a tee-shirt: In Peace and Strenght For Avery Time No, it’s not my spelling goof up, but someone seemed to have mucked up the spelling of “strength” and “every” on the above tee-shirt. Who said “I am okay … Continue reading

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Empty Station! (Lyrics)

Elton John wrote “Emtpy Garden” for his friend John Lennon after he was murdered in New York. The first few words go like this (apologies Elton John and Bernie Taupin, you are my fave singer and songwriter team, so have … Continue reading

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These Are the Seats on which We sit

The sagging seats in the First Class compartment of Central Railway trains on Harbour Branch. My book just sank in, and if I sit in the pits where my book now sits, I will be rewarded with a backache for … Continue reading

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Vandals Have Struck, Ye Gods, and How!

It’s the height of vandalism, it’s the height of defiance of rules of civil living. Go anywhere in Bombay and you see tons of spit on all walls, on every corner, in every waste basket, in every laboriously painted and … Continue reading

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