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Ethical Questions, No Answers!

I have no strength to write after a strenuous day, the first after a debilitating back problem. The first day after the pain was like freedom, deliverance, and whatever. I feel light and painless, the usual concerns are back, also … Continue reading

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Still Tied with Amitabh’s Blog; Manjul’s Novel “Before Evening Falls”

So your blog has tied with Amitabh’s blog, is it? They ask me in church today. As a church-going Christian I don’t know what impact it will have on how my fellow worshippers: as a radical, as an upstart, as … Continue reading

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This Blog Has Crossed the 1000 Post Mark, this Blog Is Five Years and Five Months Old!

Another milestone crossed, another goal achieved. This blog has crossed the 1000 post mark and I am now five years and five months old. What was a mere fancy is occupying a lot of my time and attention and not … Continue reading

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This Is My 501st Post! Shortly I Will Cross 10,000 Hits!

This is my 501st post, dear readers. And, uncork the bubblies, because I am moving towards the 10,000 hits marks soon. Sure gladdens the heart, makes me go all mushy and gushy. Friend and fellow blogger John Baker had asked … Continue reading

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DNA Links to My Abhishek-Aishwarya Blogpost

Yesterday was a watermark in the annals of this blog. I got around 250 visitors on this blog (as against 20 daily) as the above graph would testify. I am now 9600 hits and progressing towards the 10,000 five-letter mark … Continue reading

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This Is the CCD Restaurant from Where I Blogged in Delhi

Some fallout of the blogposts from Delhi. I am so terribly sorry for those observations that have caused hurt, for those people who got hounded for Turkish tea, for those people whose new looks were noticed, etc. Prostrations of apologies, … Continue reading

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Learning the Ropes of Blogging

Blogging is all about keeping record, seeing things and reacting to situations, news, inspiration, whatever. How it comes out depends on the frame of mind that one may be in at that moment. There may be millions recording their private … Continue reading

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