About Me….

Writer, poet, songwriter, blogger and photographer John P Matthew loves hats and wears many of them in his artistic avatars (see profile picture in which he is wearing one he bought at an obscene [by his standards] amount). A dabbler and a dilettante he has taken his art seriously somewhat late in his career, out of guilt or a feeling of vapidity, only he knows what.

Hm, huh, erm, his only achievement so far is that he is the winner of Penguin’s world-wide short story contest in which his short story “Flirting in Short Messages” won a prize and was published in an anthology of all the prize-winning entries. The collection was titled, “India Smiles.”

His main blog started in 2003, ranks as one among India’s top blogs. His poetry blog contains his work-in-progress poems open to suggestion and iteration from friends and visitors. He is also keen performer of his poems and has performed them at the Kala Ghoda Literary Festival and at the Blue Frog Poetry Slam. Of late, he has been composing his poetry into songs, inspired by the work of poet Jeet Thayil.

His poems have been included in the website “Famouspoetsandpoems.com” and a poem titled “The Call of the Cuckoo” has been published by Poetry Rivals. He presented his poems at the Kritya International Poetry Festival organized in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

His novel “Mr. Bandookwala, M.B.A., Harvard” is about a brilliant Harvard graduate who because he is honest and uncorrupt fails to make his mark in the internecine power struggle of a Bombay-based construction company. The novel is ready for publication and he is seeking the help of literary agents and publishers to see it in print.

He has written a book-length travelogue on his native state of Kerala titled, “To God’s Own Country – a Serendipitous Journey to Kerala,” which is being edited and prepared for submissions to publishers.

He hope to be remembered for his literary oeuvres on which he has expended many sleepless night thanks to his patient wife and son. He lives in New Bombay with his wife and son.


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