Michelle Obama’s South of Spain Trip

Michelle Obama’s vacation in Sothern Spain has drawn flak from several media outfits including mediaite which has called it tone-deaf. Poor, poor, Michelle. She just wanted a few days of quiet on the Riviera. She must not have known the sort of security that has to go with her (because her husband is the world’s most powerful man), and the paparazzi who will also accompany her because by virtue of her being the better half of the most powerful in today’s world has a different meaning altogether.

Totally irrelevant but here’s an article that set off two beautiful women whose husbands are heads of states of their respective states – U.S. and France to be precise. What’s in the power echelons that makes well-dressed and well groomed women to err on the side of wantonness, I wonder.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, I think, even in the close confines of powerful households.

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