Are Exclusive Electronic Editions of Books Possible?

The following comes from an Akhond of Swat post which I have been following through Google Reader.

“This week, one of the UK’s top agents, the notoriously aggressive Andrew Wylie, promises to change the rules of the game in drastic fashion. Wylie has started Odyssey Editions, an initiative that will sell the digital versions of some of the greatest modern classics—from Updike’s Rabbit series to Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children to Nabokov and Hunter Thompson. Wylie is offering better terms to authors, though he’s angered many who would otherwise encourage the growth of digital publishing by agreeing to a monopolistic deal with Amazon.”

I guess the future beckons a paperless read. However, issues of copyrights, royalties, authors’ compensations exist. Andrew Wylie and Odyssey may be bringing relief to thousands of authors who would like to find a better avenue of being published.

Let’s wait and watch. Meanwhile ready your Kindle, iPad, whatever. Over to you Andrew Wylie.

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