“Educated People in India Live in Cities” Hm?

Here’s a gem from Harini Calamur’s blog. Harini is correcting Mumbai University examination papers these days and here is a sample of what she has to sit through:

“Educated people in India live in the cities and speak and read English. We (as in these) watch English channels. The rest of India that is illiterate speak their mother tongue or vernacular languages. They watch regional language channels because they don’t understand English because they are illiterate.”

Harini blames it to on the teachers because too many students write these stereotypical and somehow mentally malformed statements. How could anyone be so naively biased and ignorant? I would have broken into a fit if I was made to sit through such drivel, or, perhaps gone bonkers. Atta girl for thine bravery, thou deservest an award!

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