IBN Live’s "Blaze" Launched

The following came via mail:


“IBN Live launches path-breaking and technologically equipped feature named ‘Blaze’ on their site. Blaze enables the end-users to shortlist or finalize their favorite celebs, anchors, presenters and reporters, post which users will get real-time up-to-date information on their activities (what they’re reading and watching). This feature will give one an opportunity to validate or question their favorite anchor on their source of information and grow from their observations and learnings. One can even follow their updates and share comments on them as well as chat, ask and answer questions. “


So? I login and find that the “celebs” are all reporters, anchors, presenter (the same-same?), and what they are reading and reporting. I then proceed a bit nervously, I might add, to Rajdeep Sardesai’s page. No I am not afraid of his reportage but his voice sometimes scares me, as I fall asleep in my easy chair most often, and am woken in dither by his shouting. Then I go back to sleep comfortably again when the other person begins to speak. In “Blaze” there are tabs for “Channel”, “Ask”, “Answer”, “Chat”, “Blog”, etc. When I go to “Blog” it says “coming soon.” Good. I will watch this space, for sure. Hm.

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