Why can’t women be good parliamentarians?

Now that the women’s reservation bill (the one reserving 33 per cent of seats for women in parliament) has been passed what can we expect to happen? Will the decision-making pass to the kitchen cabinet comprising ladies fresh from the blowing of chulhas or corporate hot shot women executives game to be a part of the shouting and desk-thumping brigade. Maybe they will show powerpoint presentations about the hazards of making three meals each night – for husband, bittoo and babloo – and the question of whether homework should be apportioned to parents.

Why can’t women be good parliamentarians? The men have bungled it, now give a chance puhleezee to the fair maidens.
There will be governance, no doubt, (Women are good managers, wifey can manage a school and a home which I would describe as two full-time jobs running simultaneously. Look at any company you will find that the real decisions are made by women, these days.) and the central hall will resound with the noise of tinkling bangles and padukas. Also there will be scattering of melodious laughter instead of wild guffaws of unshaved men and much adjusting of pallus – saree wraps – and chunris – shoulder wraps. And, those boring afternoon telecast on Lok Sabha TV will be much more watchable with the dainty ladies of the parliament sashaying down the central aisle in their colourful sarees.

My friend Dhansukhbhai Jethalal Shah is cynical about the out come. Says he, “Maro vath sambhdo, corruption will increase, there will be lack of accountability as the honourable member will be used as a pawn by her husband. Poor thing she will not know anything of what is going on behind her back.”

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