Flaneur-ing in Bombay

The Colaba Causeway in the night is a fusion of multi-hued lights. It’s where the rich and famous shop and where two of my favourite watering holes are situated – Mondegar and Leopold. Also Indigo is a stone’s throw away, but I am a bit shy of Indigo as it has an uppity air about it.

The Leopold Cafe was targeted by terrorists in Nov ’09 because that’s where most foreigners go to fill their tanks (in a manner of speaking!).

In my peregrinations around the city, the city of my nurture (I wasn’t born here but came here at the age of eight) I have caught some pictures of the city. See if you like them. All of them are landmarks of some sort, having withstood stormy monsoons, terrorist attacks, epidemics, water-power shortages, et cetera, et cetera.

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6 Responses to Flaneur-ing in Bombay

  1. ms says:

    love your pics. your mumbai is interesting and picturesque. so why am i always feeling cheated when i see it for real? wish i could come along on your next jaunt!

  2. John says:

    hi m s,Always welcome. When are you in Mumbai next. Write to me on zenwriter@gmail.com and we will meet up.BestJohn

  3. ms says:

    thanks, john. how's "love song of luke varkey" coming along?

  4. John says:

    ms,not very well, I am afraid to say. Am working on another novel meanwhile.Wish me luck :)J

  5. ms says:

    two novels simultaneously? how do you manage this? wishing you success – for both venturesm

  6. John says:

    ms,Poor me, I don't have a choice. Actually I have given up on the first one, so I am going ahead with the new one.:)J

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