Economic meltdown? Ecological/medical disaster? Biological warfare? What?

I know, I know, flu is not to be dismissed lightly. So if the previous post lacks in levity, this post tries to make amends. I am contrite. Forgive me.

Today this is the scene inside the train running on the harbour line by which I commute. Yesterday a colleague vomited blood and this drove home a serious message. But still I feel there’s no cause for panic, the way the media is drumming up a panic.

I tie a handkerchief around my mouth on the train. Reason: we have very bad manners and do not sneeze into a handkerchief, preferring to do it on the other person’s body, face, whatever (yetch!). So, to be safe I mask myself.

It’s a bit scary when you see all those masks, as if people have lost their identity with everyone looking like a thief or an extremist. What’s the world coming to? The last few days were very hot, I was perspiring badly in the train, clothes stuck to my body, the people standing besides me were uncomfortable, I could see them fanning themselves as they read the papers, be-masked, eyes furtive and unable to concentrate.

Yes, I am asking, what’s happening in the world? Anyone has the answers? Global warming? Economic meltdown? Ecological/medical disaster? Biological warfare? What?

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