Off to Kerala for the Kritya International Poetry Festival

I am off to Kerala next weekend for the Kritya International Poetry Festival to be conducted at Trivandrum in the Vylopilli Bhavan Center. I have been given a slot under Indian languages. (Guess Rati Saxena the spirit behind Kritya is right in classifying English as an Indian language, of course, it is!)

The literary greats who would be attending is vast and I feel humbled in their midst. From Malayalam there the following great poets and writers:

1. ONV Kurup
2. Sugath Kumari
3. K. Satchidanandan
4. Kavalam Narayan Paniker
5. Vishnu Narayan Namboodiri
6. Madhusudan Nair
7. T. P. Rajeevan
8. Vinaya Chandran
9. Lalitha Lenin
10. Savitri Rajeevan
11. Jaya Kumar
12. Deshmangalam Ramkrishnan
13. Anita Thambi
14. C.P Aboo Becker

Those from abroad include:

1. Mahnaz Badihian – American-Iranian
2. Massimo Sannelli – Italy
3. Mani Rao – Hong Kong, China
4. Heidi Arnold – New York, USA
5. Lana Derkac – Croatia
6. Patrick Cotter- Cork, Ireland
7. Gerry Murphy – Cork, Ireland
8. Tae Ho Han, – Korea
9. Roberto Piperno – Rome, Italy
10. Peter Waugh – Vienna, Austria

In their midst of these greats I have been given a small slot. I feel both honored and humbled at the same time. Guess, a beginning has to be made and I am proud to read my poems in my home state, the state of Mahakavi Puthenkavu Mathan Tharakan, my great uncle.

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