The Failed World Cup!

Statistics can be a bitch, or a witch. Following are some stats associated with the Cricket World Cup that would make you go, “What?”

Firstly, corporates had lined up Rs 1000 crore for advertisements during the matches.

Secondly, the matches had an audience of 1.5 billion viewers throughout the world. Sadly, with India’s exit it would stand at .5 billion, my guess.

Thirdly, the winning team will take home $ 2.2 million, that is 9.9 crores.

Fourthly, for commenting Kapil Dev would have got Rs 2 crore, Siddu would have got Rs 1.5 crore (for what? Sidduisms?).

An Pepsi ad running on the networks show a couple of boys at a tailors asking for world cup uniforms a couple of inches longer and wider. Why? “Char saal baad world cup hamara hoga,” they say.

Smirk, smirk, so Pepsi had to spend their money after all the media hype and some whizkid must have come up with this story board. Too optimistic, eh?

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